AHU Back


August 17, 2023

-[DESCRIPTION: Theres swan, standing around just doing his own thing.
he turns hs head to the side and sees the whizzing shape of phantom beelining right for him.

Scooping swan up in his arms, his hands find to wrap tightly around swans throat.
cue the squeaky toy sound effect.
phantom rattles his dangling body around while screaming in his face.

The camera turns to face phantom, for being in swans point of view,
and phantom is in all matters angry and full of rage.
and then the camera turns to face swan in phantoms point of view.
and for him, swan is just a blurry undefined mess ]-

Hm. alright so. at the beginning I actually was just poking into how bad his vision is...
but it could also just be that swan is blurry due to how much he's shaken.

like. winslow got his head smashed which took out the functions to an entire eye,
he lost his glasses, and based on how thick the lenses were, i would say he really needed those glasses.
i mean NO WONDER dude wears a helmet. its for functional protection of ramming through brick walls FIRST.
and then spooky ooky aesthetics SECOND.