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April 6, 2023

-[DESCRIPTION: Theres swan. there he is. just walking along and minding his own business.

something pops on the ground in front of him, making him jump back in surprise. more things pop around him, confusing him.

swan looks up for any source of what the popping is coming from. he shouts out loudly,
"YEAH I SEE YOU UP THERE WINSLOW, hiding in the rafters."

"DROPPING POPPERS ON ME LIKE A TEENAGE //PUNK//" there phantom is sitting on a beam, dropping little white pellets down bellow.

"YEAH WHAT TOO SCARED TO COME DOWN HERE?" swan continues to shout at him, while phantom reaches behind
himself and scoop up a big ole handful of the stuff, holding them ready. "wait... winslow. no no NO"
phantom smiles as he drops a whole armada of the pellets onto swan.]-

I honestly dont even know what they're called. those little things that folks would get when
its time for firework bullshit. if "poppers" are what they're called then like. great. I guess.