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March 12, 2023

-[DESCRIPTION: There is both swan and the phantom, standing and having a stare down to each other.
“swan.” says the phantom. “Winslow.” says swan. “hello.” “hey” they both are trying to be polite in this time.

They continue to stare at each other, until the phantom decides to take the move to intensify his gaze.
at which swan thinks its better to avoid eye contact at this point, and scratching an itch off his face.
“swan… stop stealing my music swan.” of course the phantom would say that. “NO CAN DO!”
swan replies, clapping his hands together. he will damn well continue to steal music.

This is only getting the phantom more riled up. to the point he pulls up an entire toilet plunger.
at the threat of a toilet plunger of all things, swan leans back and looks at phantom unsure of anything.

After taking a moment to find the words in his mind, does swan now say something.
“a… toilet plunger… really winslow?” the next part he’s just pointing and laughing,
“HOW MUCH DIGNITY HAVE YOU LOST-” his words are cut off by the shluomp of the plunger to his face.

The two of them just take a moment to process what just happened, swan with the plunger on his face,
and phantom holding onto the plunger to his face. then the phantom starts to lift up
the plunger and swan with it, the latter who’s face has great suction that just won’t come off, his screams
muffled by the plunger and his feet kicking and flailing in the air.]-

Winslow and the plunger. name a more iconic duo.