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October 18, 2023

-[DESCRIPTION: There's swan walking. hes walking up to the phantom,
"hey winslow!" the winslow responds with a"hi swan!".

Then the phantom stands tall and proper as he gives a statement, "im gonna penetrate you."
to that swan jumps back with surprise as he shouts "HUH WHAT?"
because honestly who just... who just says something like that?

And then phantom shows what he means by quickly yoinks the bird head of a crow dancer,
and just as quickly thrusts it forward so the beak is now jutting out the other side of swans torso.
"oof" is all he can react with getting skewered.

With him out of the way, phantom grins mischievously to his own accomplishment.
then looks down and sees that his own wound has opened up and is freely dripping.
"OH COME ON!" he yells to his own waterfall of blood.]-

after making 60 something comics, this and the previous one are the first times im finally depicting some
of the red stuff. about time too.
mr leach will never escape the bullshit he never asked for.