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April 20, 2023

-[DESCRIPTION: Swan and the phantom are just staring at each other.

Phantom looks like he wants to start some shit, but stops himself. instead he just throws his
hands up and shrugs. “actually… fuck it. no.” swan is now confused.

“Im not gonna do anything.” phantom says, placing a hand to his own chest. “wait what? huh?” swans confusion only grows.

“you’re expecting me to like… drop an anvil on your head or something… right?” phantom says it so
matter of factly. “wellll… yeah” swan looks down a bit, putting a hand to his chin, “its kinda like. your thing.”

Phantom swipes a finger across the air as a big ole grin crops up on his face
“WELL IM NOT!” now swan is really taken aback by surprise, “what really?”

phantom lounges back, resting his head on his hand. “yup.” swan doesn’t really know what to do anymore.

“which is why I opened the door to theater for the wild untamed territorial swans.”
phantom points out as a swan (the bird) confronts swan (the dude) with flapping wings and loud honks and hisses]-

somedays its better to just… go lazy. to look for alternate options of beating the shit outta someone.