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March 6, 2023

-[DESCRIPTION: Swan peeks in, “hey uhhhh Winslow. the phantom is already grumpy from the start
and his patience is rapidly sapping away. he turns to him and snaps out "WHAT? what do you WANT?”

It takes a moment to swan to do something. he leans in and adjusts his glasses,
“wanna be…” a big wide grin crops onto his face, “normal?”

It takes another moment as well for phantom to do something. he speaks hushly,
“what the fuck…” his eye wides more as confusion and fear climbs up. “is that… supposed… to… mean?”

They just both look at each other for a bit. then swan moves his hand and a cloud goes around the phantom with a big ole POOF.

“your normal now.” is all swan says. The phantom just sits in his spot…
trying to figure out what just happened. then screams out as he sees himself
now drawn in a semi realistic way and not like a damn neon sign ]-

bing bong fuck ya life.