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March 26, 2023

-[DESCRIPTION: Thephantom and swan are standing before each other, there is nothing unusual
other than the phantom slinging a bag over his shoulders. "swan" says phantom. "Winslow" says swan.
"hey" responds phantom. "hi" responds swan.
"do you uhhh like your name?" phantom asks the question to get to the point.

Swan puts a hand to his own chest as he speaks. "huh what? me? he shrugs,
"yeah I like it. its a good fit." phantom nods a few times then continues, uh huh... and what about SWANS?"

It takes a moment for swan to understand what he means by that... "swans?"
then remembers that swan is also a whole type of birds.
"OH. SWANS THE BIRDS. THOSE." he smiles about them, "yeh they're cool."

The phantom and swan just... kinda stand there. looking at each other.

Then the Phantom lets the bag fall at his feet. a hiss comes from the bag.

He bends down and starts to unzip it. "ah splendid! GREAT!" he has a very happy look.
more honks and hisses are coming from the bag. "lets see if your NAME like YOU"
now the phantom has a shit eating grin grow on his face.

The bag opens up and a whole entire swan, the bird comes out and honks angrily at swan, the dude.]-]-

for a movie where the characters have nouns as names... sure never shows the STUFF