AHU Back


March 6, 2023

-[DESCRIPTION: The phantom looks down at beef with a side eye, as beef looks back at him.
both are just as tense. then the situation rises when the phantom hisses out. “BEEF.” beef understandably leans away.

Still looking at him with the side eye, his frown begins to falter. groaning away and closing his eye in anguish.

“Sorry sorry…” The phantom puts his head into his hand, “old habits. ugh…” he puts his other hand on the side of beefs head,
and just softly pushes. no real intent behind that hand. “oh no worries. no worries at all.”
beef relaxes as his head gets pushed aside. the hand drags down the phantoms face as he takes a moment to think.
he looks back at him and speaks again, in a more casual manner. “WHY is your name BEEF?”

Beef holds a finger gun up from the way he’s folding his arms across his chest.
“AH! well then…” theres a glint in his eye and a bigger smile to his face.
“my parents took one look at me…” he looks away as he’s recollecting the memories,
cupping the side of his face. “and thought I was a meaty baby.”

The phantom looks at him. The phantom looks downward a bit. The phantom looks back up at him.

Now the phantom is struggling to keep himself together. he speaks slow,
sounding out each syllable. “A MEA TY BA BY?” his hands slowly clasping together as his face pulls with emotion behind each word.]-

i.. I dont know. ill probably play with beefs design some more.