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March 6, 2023

-[DESCRIPTION: Swan is standing around with a mug in his hand, minding his own business.
the phantom decides to use the opportunity to come up and loom behind him. swan takes a sip,
ignoring the threatening stance of the phantom. “mornin Winslow.” is all he says.

“Swan… swan.” the phantom places his hands on swans shoulders, and swan is more interested in
his mug than at him. “listen to me… and listen to me good.” phantom wants his attention.
and he’s getting his attention by putting his teeth on swans scalp. “SWANNN listen to me!”.
swan reluctantly looks up as him, “sighhh im listening im listening…”

Phantom looks down as he speaks. he looks down in both the literal and metaphorical sense.
“I will gut you swan. I will rip out your spine. I will tear out your heart. I will crush your skull like an egg.
I will grind your carcass with my teeth.” the words are being laid out to swan as phantom continues to speak.
“THIS is my only warning to you. because one DAY it will happen. mark my words.”

The words take a moment to sink into swan. he holds his mug closer as looks down as sweat starts to roll.
“WHOA NICE STELLAR!” he snaps back up as he clicks his fingers.
“you should absolutely incorporate those words to your next song!”

At his sudden reaction, phantom is taken aback. not at all expecting him to get excited at the words of threat.
they both just sort of stand there. and then the phantom decides that this might as
well be the day the threats come true. shoving swans head into his mouth.]-