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March 18 2021

-[DESCRIPTION: The comic begins with Swan. He's just standing there. Nothing to it.
Winslow manifests behind him. angrily.

Wielding a toilet plunger, Winslow prepares to a hefty swing.
Smashing it down onto Swans head. Obliterating upon impact.

"AYE WHAT THE HELL?" yells Swan, peeved off at what just happened.
then he looks up, seeing nothing more than just Winslow. "oh its you."
"okay you can have that one."
"cuz of the whole...
stealing you music.
and uHh------
signing your sould away n stuff."
Are what he says because even he himself can see Winslows actions are justified against him, for the bullshit that he pulled.

"oh yeah that" Wilsow replies, as if he forgotten about THAt whole deal. "but thats not why I hit you."
He becomes agitated again. "ITS BECAUSE *YOU* ATE MY LUNCH"
He stands over Swan, raising his hands in exclamation. "I had my name on it and everything.
its not even GOOD FOOD. literally cardboard and paint. WHY THAT ONE?" ]-

hes probably not comparing it to school lunches. like //ACTUally// ripped up cardboard and dried up paint.