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March 31, 2023

-[DESCRIPTION: Here is swan just walking around, making a whistle tune to himself.

Jumping into frame is phantom, looking franticly as he keeps running, push swan along.
"SHIT SHIT SWAN GO GO GO SHIT OH FUCK WE GOTTA //GO//" whatever he's panicking about,
really got him panicked about.

They reach an open door, and phantom pushes swan through it "QUICK DOOR GO!" when swan is out of the way,
phantom slams the door shut, he's still inside. he's smiling.

He brings a key to the knob and locks it. he claps his hands at clearing up his task.
then he turns his head and holds his hands out, "now..."

Now the phantom shouts at the top of his lungs in excitement
"BOSS IS OUT!!!" there is phoenix, beef and philbin all in celebration.

swan is locked outside the door. he doesn't know what just happened or what the fuck is going on.]-

if swan is to lock the door to phantom and then slather a brick wall over it,
whats to phantom to be fuckless on some payback, huh?