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September 11, 2023

-[DESCRIPTION: -[DESCRIPTION: Some door to some room gets flung open by non other than winslow leach.
its rather hard to deny that he looks like shit. got his face freshly mutilated and clothes torn,
muddy and ragged. he mumbles and grumbles with his internal
thoughts for he can not actually speak, "oh im SO gonna kick his ass..."

He plops on the iconic mask helm.

Time skip later, winslow is all up in his phantom garb. though he is still unsure of himself
as he continues thinking to himself. "hmmm... ok so. got a new suit with the boots and
gloves to match. cape for flair. and mask to hide with." with hand onto his chin he continues,
"BUT i feel like i gotta do something. more. just a little bit more..."
he stamps a fist against palm. "cunt serving..."

Luckily the realization dawns on him. "AHA!" he holds up a thing of black lipstick. "good ole make up!"
and then the next comic panel has him standing in the way //i// usually go about
drawing winslow as phantom, like a goddamn disembodied neon sign.
"well. think i spent out all the tube out." hes smug. "oh well." ]-

this man crawled through sewers with wet wounds. how the fuck did he not get infections?