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April 9, 2023

-[DESCRIPTION: The phantom is at a piano, doing music stuff, partaking in making some tunes.
he hits a certain key and the note that comes out sounds shit.

He stops what he's doing and puts all his attention on that key. peering closely as he
hammers down repeatedly, making that note come out again and again, worse than ever.

"SWAN" he shouts out. swan shows up, "sup" Phantom points to the piano,
"hey I think a key is jammed. can you look into it?" swan doesn't see why not, "sure".

"Lets see here..." swan adjust his glasses as he sets for a closer look. as he leans over,
unbeknownst to him, phantom hand hovers over the back of his head. "hmmmmM-" the hand grabs and wraps around his neck.

Phantom looks at swan as he grips tightly. then starts just bashing swans head against
the piano, making all the keys break off and start flying all over the place. ]-

sure Winslow can get the piano fixed... or he can just use the opportunity to break swans face about it.