AHU Back


April 4, 2023

-[DESCRIPTION: Cupping his hands over his mouth, swan shouts out to the air, "WIIIINSLOW".

He pauses for a moment, then an idea pops up. "OH. I should just ask around".

Swan walks up to both beef and phoenix, with her sitting on his shoulders for some reason.
surely they would know of where Winslow is, so swans ask them such. "hey, hall seen Winslow anywhere around?"
they both quickly answer "NOPE NOT HERE NAH"

Turns out phoenix and beef does know of the phantoms whereabouts, he's standing right behind them.
the two made a tower so he can hide behind them from swan. "ah hm." swan scratches his head and
begins to look around elsewhere, "well. thanks anyway."]-

homies got each others backs.