AHU Back


March 26, 2023

-[DESCRIPTION: The phantom is scrawling his whatever with the quill pen on paper like the huge nerd he is.
then phoenix shows up. waving a hand out and saying a “heya!”. phantom looks at her, eye bulging out.

Before she can take a single step towards his desk, he’s already standing and stumbling backwards.
his footing eats shit and falls over, throwing all his papers everywhere. Now phenix is concerned for his wellbeing.

“Ah shit you okay there ph-” she peers over his desk, his foot the only part remaining on it.
“uh… or should I say //CHICKEN//?” now his foot moves off to join the rest of his body.

the phantom barely peeks up above the desk, looking up at her. all the while she has quite the grin going on.
eventually he gets the confidence to pull his body up the desk and be at level.

The phantom then looks out of frame and flares as he shouts out, “BEEF!”
“what”, beef calls back, he’s elsewhere. “WHAT THE HELL?”, phantom is a bit mad at him.
“WHAT?” beef doesn’t know whats going on, he’s elsewhere. phenix just hangs back as she watches him shout,
not knowing whats going on between the two.]-

to get the reference of why she called him “chicken”, scroll back a bit
until you find the comic of beef calling him that.