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April 9, 2023

-[DESCRIPTION: The phantom places his hands onto swans shoulders and smiles down at him,
clearly excited about something, to which swan knows that its a time he is to start dreading.
"hey psst swan hey hey... I just found something. wanna know what it is?" swan eventually
builds up the courage to put his gaze to the phantom.

"if... if I say /no/... are you gonna..." swan starts to speak, cringing when he does, "say it anyway?"

Phantom shoves his face right against swans, pressing eye to eye and bursting with glee, "HAH YUP"

Swan gives up. he stands ready. "fine... what?" he waits for what the phantom would do.

Phantom doesn't actually doesn't do anything, he just shows off the fun pizzaz of his boots.

"HEELS!" The phantom pulls his own leg up and points at his boot. "OH FUCK YOU" swan almost explodes at rage]-

the joke is that window leach was already 8 bajillion meters tall, and having the heels on would
just give a little bit extra height. thats literally why I have been drawing all those
comics with the high heels... just a small detail that can mean so much.