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March 19, 2023

-[DESCRIPTION: Phoenix stands around, a hand to her chin as she looks this way and that. she is deep in thought about something.

“What are you looking for?” a voice asks her from behind. “my hat.” she thinks more deeply about the hat.
“black. with sequins.” then phoenix realizes that she is actually talking to someone.

She turns around and sees the phantom standing eye to eye right next to her. he quickly leans back up.

The two of them just look at echo ther for a moment. then the phantom builds the confidence to
finally speak to her. “perhaps I can help with finding it?” phoenix continues to look at him,
not sure of what else to do. “oh uh… sure. "she gives a shrug.

he clasps his hands together at his chest, happy that she accepted his help. he spins on his feet
and turns around "RIGHT AWAY!” as he starts his quest. the first thing he does is grab onto swan
by the neck and start shaking him for any answers, “WHERE THE FUCK IS HER HAT?” Phoenix just watches
him and doesn’t do anything to stop hm from strangling swan, “… alright then.”]-

I was gonna have a part in the drafts of my mind where it turns out that phantom is talking through a vent,
but nah. maybe for a later thing.
I was also gonna have it a thing where it was that phantom hid her hat but also shook it off,
it doesn’t seem to be something in his character to do. but he would still beat up swan regardless.