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August 27, 2023

-[DESCRIPTION: Arnold Philbin is busy conversing with winslow leach at the backstage, "-and who knows, maybe
the juicy fruits will dig it too." winslow is sitting as he looks up at philbin, "the juicy fruits?"
philbin is shrugging as he continues talking "not making any pROM_-"
his words are cut off as winslow suddenly springs up and grabs onto him.

"I WILL NOT LET MY MUSIC BE MUTILATED BY THOSE GREASE BALLS" winslow yells furiously at his face.

Later on, philbin is now with swan. "-yeah so i go up to the leach guy, told him what you told me..."
he whistles for emphasis "AND WHOOSH what a real stubborn one!"
swan only places a hand to his chin as he hears him speak, "ah i see. i see."

However philbin still has plenty to speak. "he coulda thrown me through a WALL if he wanted to!
im not kidding." and then he deflates a little, speaking a bit more quietly for this next part.
"made me realize how much i yearn for the genuine touch of anothers hands around me..."
swan turns his head to look at philbin, "huh?" "what?" philbin feigns ignorance.]-


(i was gonna have this comic be called "dig.html" but apparently that already exists)