AHU Back


March 19, 2023

-[DESCRIPTION: Swan is sitting behind a desk. a framed portrait of himself on the wall.
suddenly philbins head bursts through the frame, and the wall cracks heavily.

Philbin has sustained some damaged to his face, what with a black eye and a missing tooth.
“swan…” he looks down from where his head is sticking out. “im -this- close to just quitting.”
and then on the other side of swan, phantom breaks through the wall as well and stepping through the hole.

“WHERE” phantom holds an accusatory finger up to swan as he hisses his words out angrily,
“is that folder I labeled as //swan do NOT take//” swan takes a few steps back from his ire.

The shit is gonna get got for swan, and philbin takes the last few moments to speak.
“I told you not to take it. now my head is shoved through a wall. you’re on your own with this… boss.”]-

who will win, a walking neon sign or some lemonade bitch? cast your votes down at this number somewhere on screen.