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August 17, 2023

-[DESCRIPTION: -[DESCRIPTION: So here is winslow leach in his nerd phase, just a regular guy.
so here is a sockeye salmon in ocean phase, just a regular fish.

And then they both get hit with HORNY. winslow becomes the phantom,
in that he dons a new outfit and voice and weaponry. and the sockeye gains extra muscle
and takes on new vibrant coloration and the snout elongates.

After being horny, they both are dealt with death.]-

*head in hands* i said i wouldnt make anymore goddamn comics. but i did... but i did.

ANYWAY this was a vision that plagued me that i just HAD to draw! i cracked the code-
winslows fursona isnt an owl or bat or whatever. hes fishman.
beaky, he falls into water, he doesnt eat, running on pure raw unfiltered rage
and instinct to fuck shit up and to immediately die afterwards.