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October 18, 2023

-[DESCRIPTION: Winslow is just sitting there minding his own business until swan shows up.
"hey leach how ya doing? fine day isnt it?" he can only respond by looking mad.

"It WAS fine. until you showed up." he accuses to the little man, swan only
smiles at him cheekily and speak. "ah. well that unfortunate." they both just kinda stare
at each other for a bit, before winslow pipes up and hisses loudly "THE FUCK DO YOU WANT?"

Scratching his head, swan keeps his grin up. "ah well i was just wondering...
what if something strange were to spontaneously happen in this comic?"

Winslow only looks more pissed off as hes trying to make sense of his words.
he then points a ready claw. "swan. i can and will to my fullest capabilities. kick your ass."

Swan continues standing and winslow continues sitting. winslow shouts as he throws
his arms up "WELL? will something happ--" his words are interrupted as he is engulfed
by a cloud of sparkles poofing up around him.

When the cloud dissipates, swan sees that winslow is no longer a 2d drawing but rather a
poorly edited photo of a felting sculpture. swan gets all starry eyed
as winslow is screaming in his new wooly shape.

Swan cant help but to laugh at his conditions, before a rock is
dragged onto screen, now screaming as its dropping right down over him.

The rock lands on top of swan. "ow" now he too becomes a felted shape,
but also as flat as a pancake. winslow manages a "hah." about it. ]-

okay i said a bit ago ill be done with these goddamn forsaken phantom paradise comics... and then failed..
BUT THIS TIME THIS IS THE LAST. and if i count correctly... that should be 69 comics done this year. shit.

and yeah i made the felts. sent them to dear friend Eggs to keep.