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September 11, 2023

-[DESCRIPTION: At already being straight to the point, phantom got his hands around
swans neck. trying to wipe the little mans smug ass grin by
squeezing his grip. cue the squeaky toy sound effect.

"h-hey /GHHK/ time out a bit?" swan speaks out as he attempts his hands into a T.
"WHAT the hell do you WANT?" phantom has no time for anymore bullshit.
"has anyone ever commented on how absolutely DAZZLING your eye is?" swan is confident.

Swans confidence is wavering as phantom just. looks at him. swan looses all c
onfidence as he witnesses winslows rage boil over. pain will become real. ]-

hey remember when i made that one phantom paradise comic and said i was recycling a
way older comic for the context of these two dumbasses?
same thing.

gonna. gonna strangle this movie the same way i drew it here.