AHU Back


March 12, 2023

-[DESCRIPTION: Okay so there is phoenix, walking along and doing whatever. she looks to the side
and gasps out out in excitement. “A DOOR!” she points at a door, she’s very excited about
the prospects of this door. “im gonna walk in there to get the comic moving!”

So she starts reaching her hand towards the knob. as her fingers get closer,
the phantom starts bee lining right at her, his boots thumping at each stride.

Shoving himself in front of her, to be between her and the door, a panic look at his face.
what ever is behind the door, he does not want her to know of. shaking his head frantically
and gently pushing her away from this door. “huh wh what wait wait huh? ???” phoenix just confused by the second.

The phantom back away, thinking of what to do for a moment. then he reaches out of frame
and when his arm comes back, he’s holding up swan by a tight grip to the neck,
proudly displaying his catch to her. more questions only arise from her.

Then he quickly opens the door, tossing swan right in there,
then presses his body in front of the door to keep it shut. the question mark from phoenix grows and grows.

Behind the door is a big fucking explosion, just barely being kept inside.

Now phoenix is in a full on panic, “GH- W- IS- IS HE ALIVE?”. the phantom nods,
his eyes shutting tightly and increases the nodding. confirming that despite what happened,
swan is indeed alive… despite what happened. to confirm it to her,
he leans int the door now hanging by a hinge and pulls out swan through the smoke.
swan looks like shit, what for having been in the center of the explosion, but he’s still alive.

The phantom chuckles nervously, tapping his fingers together.
all phoenix can do is nod back. “now who the fuck are you?”.]-

this was gonna be 11 pages but I cut it down to 8. I already made 2 other comics.
and it was only a coincidence that both comics I made featuring phoenix back to back was about a door.