AHU Back


February 26, 2023

-[DESCRIPTION: while Phoenix is minding her business as she walks along and all that, the phantom crawls
quickly ahead of her. she’s a bit confused as to what he’s doing.

“Uhhhh…” She watches him, trying to figure him out. Turns out that the phantom was moving in
ahead of her to reach the door, to then open it for her. “OH I see! Ah well thank you. How very kind of you!”
Phoenix expresses her gratitude to the phantoms chivalry.

The phantom beams with a smile as he watches her walk past him. then.. he notices a presence. and that presence is none other than Swan.

Swan looks up at him, do to his short stature. The phantom looks down at him,
due to his high stature. the phantom also looks down at him in the metaphorical sense.

“can I… walk through?” swan then speaks up in this stand off. the phantom doesn’t say or do
anything other than going through the door. shutting the door behind himself with a SLAM. leaving swan out. to fend for himself.]-

I was gonna have another part where Winslow tears the door off and slams it onto swan. perhaps for a different time… *pinches the bridge of my nose*