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April 4, 2023

-[DESCRIPTION: theres phoenix. there she is. just sitting around and reading some book.

Suddenly the phantom comes bursting through the wall above her, scaring the shit out of her.
though his attention is elsewhere as he continues to burst through more walls.

Phoenix watches where he has gone off to as she recovers from shock. beef pops his head
in through the hole of her ceiling, "yeahhh.... I dont know." apparently he also experienced his own walls getting destroyed.

Phantom continues on his rampage, all his aim is set straight for swan, who is just walking around
and whistling to himself. phantom lunges forward and tackles him off screen.

Phantom pushes swan down against the ground, digging his head into the dirt and making a ditch
trail behind. He continues to push his head unto the dirt before pulling back up. swan now looks like shit.

With swan head tightly by the collar, phantom opens his mouth
wide open and screams into his face, "STOP TAKING MY SHIT SWAN"]-

slapstick territory.