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October 18, 2023

-[DESCRIPTION: Swan and winslow standing together as swan holds a pack of papers
in his hands, motioning towards it. "yeah so... contract time." he leans in to whisper his
continuing words to winslow, who simply looks given up, "dont let the girthiness fool ya. you only REALLY
need to look at like 2 pages. maximum."

Winslow takes a moment to flip through the contract, skimming over it as swan
keeps talking. "and besides... what choice do you have?" as he speaks, he pulls out a pen.
and then the next second he jabs the point of it against winslows finger, piercing enough for blood to show.

With the pen now supplied with the more fancy version of an ink, swan bats his eyelashes closed
and holds it out for winslow to take. "now sign." he waits a bit, and then peeks out what is taking so long.

In that winslow was just staring at his finger, dribbling blood down, and his eye
grows wide and wet. a sniffle, then an "OWIEEEEeeee..."]-

honestly throughout the movie, this man has slowly been evolving into a pincushion