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OCT 9 2020

-[DESCRIPTION: Swan is just about to enjoy a nice wineglass brimming with chocolate milk.
That is until the leather and whole lot of belt clad figure of the phantom that is winslow comes bursting out through the way.
spitting out the contents at the sudden BOOM from the crashing.

Winslow is all sorts pissed off angry and he is looking at the source of it.
"ah." is all Swan could say for himself.
"Wellllllllllllll if it isnt the uuhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
consequences of my own actions. He pops a pose in a cartoony manner. ]-

AND THen heres a sketch for the next page that i didnt bother working on anymore. but thought its good enough as is for the jokeee.

-[DESCRIPTION: Swan gets smushed by winslow bonking the toilet plunger down across his head ]-

thats it thats the whole movie.