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March 19, 2023

-[DESCRIPTION: PHilbin. bursts into a room, holding a door open as he shouts, “AYE BEEF where at?”
he points his thumb behind himself out the door, “you’re up in 5… uhhh…” his words die on his tongue as he looks out ahead.

He sees beef painting the phantoms nails. beef turns around to look at philbin.
“oh shit its TODAY today?” beef was not at all ready as his hair was rolled up in a bunch of curlers,
“I thought tomorrow.”

Philbin jast stares at him, staring in disbelief. then his body starts going into action,
throwing his arms up to the air “YES! TODAY TODAY!”

He is still pretty upset at the everything as he continues to shout,
“AND WHO THE FUCK IS THIS?” his arms pointing out towards the phantom,
who is holding out his hands so the nails can dry.

Now its beefs turn to take on the situation. the phantom looks at him with a bit of fear
of how he would handle it. beef thinks for a moment then speaks.
“my cousin, Chicken.” seems like he’s taking the first thought that came to mind and using that.
“second twice removed. distantly related. thats why we look widely different.”

The phantom looks at beef, contemplating what the fuck he just said. philbin is taken aback,
not sure if he should belief those words as he stares dumbfounded between them.
beef urges phantom to just go along with it and spare the trouble with a slight nod.
then phantom looks back at philbin and frantically nodding his
head up and down that yes, they are related and his name is now chicken.

Philbin isnt paid enough for this shit as he simply pinches the bridge of his nose
and points his thumb behind him again. "beef… just get your ass on stage.”]-

I still wanna keep up with how everyone is in on the bit of basically just… well…
gaslighting philbin on the existence of phantom. just REAlly fucking up with him.