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April 6, 2023

-[DESCRIPTION: Phantom puts on a sweet ole smile to his face, displaying a chair out for swan.
"here swan, why dont you sit... here... on this nice comfortable chair?"

Swan looks at the chair. swan looks at the phantom. swan points at the phantom.
"you... have it booby trapped or something. dont you?"

"GASP" phantom places a hand onto his own chest, his eye pleading innocence.
"swan... for all love and light... you wound me deeply. how could you accuse me of such heinous acts?
is this truly what thou be to all that I shall?"

Swan continues to look at phantom, deflated. he opens his mouth to retort,
but couldn't find the use to say any words. he gives in reluctantly, "ok fine. ill sit."

Swan gets onto the chair, grumpy about it. after a moment he reconsiders his stance.
"oh wow this chair IS nice!" Phantom clasps his hands together happily, "ah good good."

Phantom smiles with excitement and beams with pride, "I will now process to disassemble the
chair and beat you with it!" Swan laughs a bit with him, "ha ha ha ha wait what"]-

chairs. they're useful.