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February 17, 2023

-[DESCRIPTION: “hey winslow… gonna go to the get some grub. want me to get ya anything?
swan approaches the cape of the phantom, pointing behind himself as he speaks.

swan waits for a response, and seeing that there isn’t one, he slaps out to get attention.
"HEY im talking to ya. stop brooding.” swan scoffs and folds his arms together disapprovingly.
the camera sees the other side, where it turns out the cape was just hanging off a coat rack
the whole time, and that the phantom was just standing behind him. looming.

swan begins to notice that theres some breathing down his neck. tilting slightly just
enough to see that the phantom is right the fuck there, slowly wrapping hands around him, staring with daggers in the eye.

that is more than enough to scare the shit out of swan who promptly leaps into the air in a comical manner,
bursting his head through the ceiling/ floor above. Philbin stares at his bosses
head having sprouted right at his feet, food spilling out of his mouth in shock. swan is all dazed up
as the phantom looks up smugly at his dangling body above.]-

made this comic immediately after the previous one. my hand hurts now. I sure do love drawing the phantom like a damn neon sign.