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april 4, 2023

-[DESCRIPTION: Swan is watching the big screen, filled with smaller screens. they are all overtaken by static.
"PHILBIN can you check on the cameras?" swan shouts out for his lackey. philbin stands there, tired. very tired.
he whispers to himself, holding up a shaking fist, just... just one more paycheck... I can do this cmon... one more...

Phantom is sleeping against a tv antennae. a push broom slowly makes way towards him,
eventually nudging him against the head. making phantom wake up.

Phantom looks at the broom, then looks downward. "oh. its you."

Phantom looks down from where he is sitting on thew rooftop, while philbin is
holding onto the broom, with a comically long handle.

Philbin is sweating up a storm. "n-nice there little uh... kitty."
Phantom doesn't have time for this, "im a grown ass man." Philbin is so close to
passing out in fear, "oh golly. he talks."]-

hey, could be that the problem is that a brick got smashed through each damn camera, but I think this is funny enough.