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book version sucks

August 17, 2023

-[DESCRIPTION: -[DESCRIPTION: Phantom is out walking around doing his own thing, then glances
behind himself and sees... some guy. a very strange guy. "um. hi?" phantom speaks out hesitantly.

"Need uh something? w who are you?" phantom is getting weirded out by the second as he points to the stranger.
the stranger then pipes up "OH im you! from the book novelization of you!"

not knowing what the fuck to make out of that statement, phantom just looks at the stranger.
"y- yeah? uh HUH?" phantom throws caution to the wind and delves into conversation with the stranger.
"so youre like my... doppelganger? from a book?" the stranger shrugs, "yeah guess so.."

"Cool" is all phantom says to that. before pulling out his comical toilet plunger and gets ready to swing it.

The plunger twacks the stranger off to oblivion. phantom wanted nothing to do with his... alternative self, and for good reason.]-

so i gotten my hands on a scanned version of the book of the movie and its.
ok listen, ive read a lot of books in my life. ive read a lot of BAD books in my life.
the book was a bad book. i will not hesitate to say its amongst top 5 worst.

yes the movie has its unignorable flaws that leave a fermented taste,
but the book is just a whole heap of decayed matter. jar unsealed improperly and bacteria got in there.