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August 27, 2023

-[DESCRIPTION: Swan is hauling his own ass. looking back behind himself in a sweaty panic.

He sees phantom quickly catching up as a blur. "E" is all he can afford to say in this moment.

Speeding up, leaving behind a trail of dust, swan is outta there. "FUCK YOU IM ABSTRACT" phantom yells after him.

Phantom picks his own head up off his shoulders, then throws it. as one does.

Phantoms head flies through the air, gaining up to swan. then makes swan crash with a "BONK".
phantom is more than satisfied with his own efforts.]-

dont worry to those who havent actually seen the movie, theres no comical decapitation.
or any other sort of head lopping on screen.
hm. well actually there is one, but its for a mannequin. nothing bad.

THIS comic however is just me poking fun at my own depictions of how i stylize phantom as a.
i dont know? ... walking half disembodied neon sign.