AHU Back


March 31, 2023

-[DESCRIPTION: Music plays as the phantom looks down from where he has crawls up to.
he has a scowl on his face. he’s planning something. a plan that involves the lightning bolt neon sign, he holds it up.

He holds the lightning bolt steady, aiming ready right at the stage where beef is standing on.
“IM FRANKENSTIENS MONSTER AND IM HORNY” beef sings out, the crowd below goes wild.

Phantom is angry that his songs are getting bastardized right before him on the stage below.
he’s ready to throw the lightning bolt and bring everything to an end. he is going to.

Just before anything has the chance to happen, swan shows up behind phantom.
almost scaring the shit out of him as he holds on tight to the lightning bolt. “oh hey winslow,
watcha doing up in the rafters?” swan points to the lightning bolt “what you gonna do with that big ole neon sign?

Phantom looks at swan, not knowing what to do, now he’s caught.
so obviously he does the next best thing, he tosses the lightning bolt at swan.

A huge explosion sets off above beef. the music stops.

Beef and the juicy fruit/ undead band just stare up in horror at trying to process what just happened.
then they stare as swan gets thrown down to the stage. swan looks like shit.

In a understandable panic, beef hands the mic off to phoenix. "OK YOUR TURN… IMMA… GO… NOW.]-

*cracks knuckles* the fun thing about making fan art for something is that
I dont gotta stick to canon. a “what if” scenario. I can fuck around!