AHU Back


April 6, 2023

-[DESCRIPTION: Winslow leach, the dude, holding up a paper and putting a hand to his head
in exasperation as he reads it, “WOW! I got fucked over completely!” he can’t help but giggle to
himself in this situation, “well… time for my Magical Transformation Sequence”

He holds up his trusty toilet plunger, and gets engulfed by a flash of light. what was just some loser
music nerd guy is now the titular phantom of the paradise!

Phantom stands around a bit, before falling to his knees and sends out brutal agonizing yelling of despair.]-

by day, winslow leach is just your regular ordinary dumbass nerd, but by night… well he’s still a dumbass nerd.
but by night he’s an EDGY dumbass nerd.