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April 6, 2023

-[DESCRIPTION: The phantom places the back of a hand to his forehead as he announces his sorrows,
"oh woe is me. there is nothing for me to do... but to bury this blade to my thumping heart."
his other hand is holding a dagger. "goodbye cruel world" he readies the dagger, aiming it in front of his chest,
"I dont think I'll be missed."

Swan shows up, umbrella in hand. "ah hah nooo.... dont kill yourself."
he does that thing of holding his hand up under his chin "you're so sexy."

This stops the phantom. he stares at swan aghast. every emotion washing over him, none being any sort of positivity.

Phantom leaps forward, tackling swan off frame. if he's not going to stab himself, might as well stab swan about it.]-

im... im sorry. foprgive me.