AHU Back


February 26, 2023

-[DESCRIPTION: the phantom looms threateningly over beef, pointing a finger right to his face,
hissing out his anger “BEEFFFFF” and playing a show of dominance towards beef.

However, the phantom falters a bit. not really seeing the use of anything anymore.
he slaps a hand down his own face and slides it down, dragging out a groan. “listen man” the phantom begins to speak out,
“my problem isn’t in YOU. its just your ASSOCIATION with swan.” he continues to speak while
beef just stands there more confused than anything. “imm too caught up in my whole issues… you’re just DOING your JOB.”

Beef continues to look at him all confuse and stuff. then the realization hits him like a
truck filled with nothing but bricks. “OH so you dont have BEEF with me?” he shouts it out with finger guns and a big ole smile.

the phantom stares at him, taking it in. and then the moment he registers the pun, his whole demeanor lights up.

and so now the two of them, phantom and beef hold each other hand in hand as they
happily frolic in a field out to the sunset like a couple of dumbasses without a care in the world. all is right]-

the uhh.. yeah I was debating with myself how I should depict beef. next time he’s gonna be yellow.
I wanna play more with the visual shape and stuff. to have more than just Winslow be the puppet. whatever.