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September 11, 2023

-[DESCRIPTION: Phantom is just minding his own business when a voice calls out to him.
the voice being that of swan. "HEY WINSLOW" he reluctantly turns his head.

Theres swan. there he is. holding up papers of winslows music sheets.
"got yer shit! nyeheheehee..." phantom mad now.

Swan begins to speak, confidently. "how you like them- " his hubris instantly
squandered as a pair of hands clamp around his head. "apples?"

Absolutely no time is wasted for phantom to rev up and fling swan the fuck out of here.

As phantom watches swan get tossed, he points a hand as he shouts after him
"AND FUCK YOUR APPLES". he then points a thumb at his own chest. "I LIKE ORANGES INSTEAD"]-

this fucking movie goddamn why do i just. KEEP making so many comics?!
theres only like 5 other people that know of this thing and. and i hope
i dont make a 6th be into it. ... squeezes orange juice into his face.