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aesthetic judgment

FEB 11 2021




-[DESCRIPTION: The comic starts with Winslow and Pheonix when they first talk to eachother. This was back when Winslow was just some nerd dweeb.
Pheonix places a hand on her cheek all coyly. "oh well uh..."
"you're not doing this Just to be nice, are you?"

Winslow suddenly gets hit with way too dramatic lighting. "I would never let my personal desires influence my aesthetic judgment."
and he says that all in a completely serious tone.
Upon hearing that, Pheonix takes a moment to process what he just said.
"wassat mean?"


This one starts at a later setting, Winslow, still a nerd, but now the phantom.
He grabs onto Pheonix with dire urgency "PHEONIX you GOT to get out of here!"
then he backs up a bit. "or else you're gonna start kinning shadow the hedgehog™®©™™.
its not fun. trust me."

Pheonix starts to freak out "H-How do you know my name? WHO ARE YOU?"
The both stare at eachother, unsure and confused.
"im Winslow Leach." Winslow Leach says with big sad puppy eyes, holding a hand to his chest.

Pheonix just stands there, mouth agape.
Realization hit her full on!
Realization in that she has no idea of who the hell this winslow leach guy is.

Hearing this, He is shocked, then annoyed in himself for this oversght of an error.
He then poses like a nerd and speaks in a mocking tone //"``I would never let my personal desires influence my aesthetic judgment``"//
"OOOOOOOOOOHH" She points out "Yous that one guy!" ]-

theres like a six month space of time. anyone's bound to forget about some nerd dweeb met only once.