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JUNE 22 2021

-[DESCRIPTION: Wayne stands over a deep hole getting dug out by a shovel, mounds of dirt fly up and out.
It's all rather boring to just be standing there and watch. Wayne gives a big yawn.

Then from the excavate comes a suprised "OH!"
Looking in, wayne asks "you good there bub?"
"y-yeah hold on.

Dedusmuln crawls out from the hole, being the one behind the dig, in search for ancient artifacts of great importance and the not.
They're a bit weary from the excursion, but still in high spirits. "Think I found some awesome relics!"
Hearing that, Waynes interest crops up. "oh really?"

"Yeah check this out" They pull out a really old, dusty, frayed and tattered lesbian pride flag.
Taking it in his hands, Wayne examines it closely.
"I dont know what this is, but I feel a deep connection" is all Wayne declares. ]-

a grand treasure indeed!