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OCT 9 2021

-[DESCRIPTION: Wayne slouches on a beanbag while Dedusmuln sits daintly reading a book.
Wayne is the one to speak first. "Hey Dedus--.."
Dedus: "hm?"
Wayne: "you uh, got big knockers."
He says that as if stating that the sun is hot. he isnt even looking at them, just off into the elsewhere.

At first Dedusmuln is puzzled by his statement.
"my... I got...what?"
Then suddenly understandment hits them, and their head tendrils stand straight up-
"OH boob! I see."

Dedusmuln then begins to fiddle around with their armor
"well you see my armor does serve the function of protection..."
"As well as a storage unit within the chest cavity for keeping Bombs in.
One must always be prepared for causing explosions on expeditions"
While saying that, they open their chest piece and pull out two large cherry bombs.
They turn towards him and continue to speak.
"But I do understand your confusion my dear Wayne."

Wayne is at a loss for words.
All he can do is pull a face akin to //are you kidding me?// ]-

listen, if you got the extra space for inventory- use it.