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JULY 12 2020

-[DESCRIPTION: Coop look up at Judgment and asks "What are you up to papa J?". which we then see the aformentioned papa J working with a comically regular sized typewriter.
Which Jugment only responds with a gruff "Taxes."

"Wow really? even GODS have to do taxes?" Coop asks very amused.

"mmmmmmhhhghghhmmyyyyyeah" Judgment drags its hand down its face before continuing on. "since I'm your


now I got to uphold good standards for you as a citizen with duties."

Now this got it thinking. "I also need to do other DAD STUFF with you. hmmmm

grilling footballs... build a deck... teach you swimming..."

then Judgment snaps up excitedly "OH we can do that last one Right Now!" Coop is way too happy to say anything other than a "E"

we skip to the next shot, where the two of them are standing in front of a waters edge. "see this lake?" JUdgment says pointing to it. Coop affirms the observation with a "yeah?".

Satisfied with the answer, Judgment simply kicks Coop out to the water. "swim." ]-

teach tax papers how to swim.