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Papa J

JULY 11 2022

-[DESCRIPTION: Coop stands before Judgment. Judgment stands before Coop.
squinting up in confusion, Coop begins to speak... "papa?" unsure of the question himself.

With that Judgment metaphorically face palms.

Then it begins to speak out as well. "ghhhhmmm.... oh my me..

"Ok SOOooo... Listen to me.

"I mAy have started a Plauge.- war, famine, destruction. all that stuff..."

Then Judgment engulf half the screen to show anger towards Coop. "But I Would NEVER have BROUGHT myself to CREATE YOU"

and then Judgment resumes back into normal shape. "yknow... i ALmost feel bad for Drifter..."

All Coop says about it all is a "thats what all dads say" ]-

something something coops eye is the same of judgment.