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last day

DEC 6 2017


for the ending.

well not quite THEE ending.

but close enough.

En Garde

-[DESCRIPTION: The comic begins in a vignette of Drifter coughing into his palm.
He coughs hard and shaky, having to lean up against a structure for support in doing so.
Then something catches his attention, he looks out to the hubbubs of Centeral Town.
with that he gathers his strength, pushes off the wall and wipes the blood seeping through the cloth covering his face.

Walking towards the towns residents, he stops by the gardener.
crouching down to help them with the tasks of rearing up plants, he gets his hands down in the dirt.
He is transfixed by the life crawling in the dirt, and all that can be found as it crumbles apart within his hold.

Time passes and a montage of his other visits:
A sit-in listen for guitar hums by a peculiar skeleton. A game of soccer with the soccer kid. A chat with another fellow traveler.
And it all ends with him sitting in the grass, a snail in his palm.

He sets the snail down into the grass so it could carry on its own journey.
Drifter stands up and watches the snail for a bit, before turning his head for what is ahead for him.

The elevator is prepared and ready. Is he?

Last day.