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(AUG/ 02/ 2017)

spoilers i guess. it's well. its of the whole ending sequence. so like. eeeuuug

-[DESCRIPTION: (in the first page) Drifter stands in the middle of a clear blue lake, under a clear blue sky. He can finally breath out in relief.
where there holds destruction, may also hold hope.]-

-[DESCRIPTION: (in the second page) Then this little shit shows up.

-[DESCRIPTION: (in the third page) the little shit- by the name of Coop- runs up and sticks a butter knife into Drifter. Many times.

-[DESCRIPTION: (in the fourth page) Drifter falls to his knees as pink blood begins to spill out. he raises his hands to the heavens and cries in defiance.]-

-[DESCRIPTION: (in the fifth page) Coop and The jackal fistbump eachother in the elevator.
As the elevator goes down into the watery depths, we see the top is sculpted after a great big middle finger.]-

goodbye drifter. you will probably be missed.

so I made this comic of Coop to forward my feelings of the ending in a more humorous direction.
This is also my first comic of Coop! which then inpired me to protray him as a little shit for the following year or so. Well,

He still is as I make this webpage in 2022. And beyond.