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Guardian dies

NOV/ 17/ 17

spoiler warning i guess. its in the page title

-[DESCRIPTION: (in the first page) Drifter and Coop are around Guardian, straining to hear their weakened words. Guardian gives out "LORE".]-

-[DESCRIPTION: (in the second page) and then Guardian dies. The other two are taken aback at such a turn of events]-

-[DESCRIPTION: (in the third page) Drifters eyes begin to well up with tears and becomes dramatic.]-

-[DESCRIPTION: (in the fourth page) And then he gets REALLY dramatic. Throwing his arms out as if to exclaim a silent NOOOOO]-

-[DESCRIPTION: (in the fifth page) Even MORE dramatic. SUPER very much. like anime style dramatic, with a close up to the face in the background and everything.]-

-[DESCRIPTION: (in the sixth page) Cutting back into reality, Drifter sees Coop wearing Guardians fluffy pink cape. and looks rather shocked about it.]-

-[DESCRIPTION: (in the seventh page) Drifter gets mad at Coop for being a little shit.]-

Okay sure, theres that whole thing of having em like. Not Die by just. Completly skipping past Guardian.
fluffy pink cape.