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DEC 6 2017

-[DESCRIPTION: Drifter stares at the enterance of the fighting arena, already he can see who he is to be up against.
The Heirophant- the great (not-so-great) leader of the vulture cultists.

Drifter is more than ready to barge right in there and give a bullet or two.
However before such a thing happens, Coops arm is held out, stopping him in his tracks.

Coop has a look of concern. Drifter has a look of annoyance.
Then Coop whispers something to Drifter...
aaaaand apparently it turns out to be something to actually interest him.

The Heiropant is about to give a speech or something cool. whatever.
All before getting inturupted by the duo. Drifter shows up and he carries Coop on his back. The latter raises the light sword high to begin the fight. ]-

the joke is that at the defeat of heirophant, we see the shape topple over in that there were two bodies being stacked atop one another.
giving the vulture a false sense of height. probably to more cool looking as a boss leader.
kinda hard to be intimidatng when knee height.

so kinda lke that thing pool party havers do when they have friends and bloodlust.