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Part 6 of Artfight 2021

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Worm for @prettycoolducks

-[DESC: worm leaps through the air ]-


Ferris for @leestei

-[DESC: ferris is surrounded by little beasts ]-


Mrs. Hawk for @espimyte

-[DESC: mrs hawk sits and takes a rest ]-


"getchu a woman who can"
Ogawa Oni for @EmmaTheWard

-[DESC: Ogawa is blasting a flaming burst of fury from her wide open mouth ]-


"cris is that a whale?"
Cris for @sanddall-asy

-[DESC: Cris waves a hand out while the hair encircles around ]-


"eat metal"
Kip for @borts

-[DESC: kip looks downward with tired pondering while picking teeth with a wench ]-