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Part 4 of Artfight 2021

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"brain gone thoughts none"
Malachi for @r3ver1e

-[DESC: Malachi is stilling in a invisible stool in the void, headless. as one does ]-


"red stuff"
blood (peepy sona) for @syntheticveil

-[DESC: Blood do a funky ]-


Xeno Cherenkov for @junebuggeryy

-[DESC: Xeno is horking up electric bile somethings ]-


"super mega justice blast PCHOOOOO"
Toba the Tura for @syntheticveil

-[DESC: tobas fuckin pisSED]-


" 3 seconds before zaba kills me "
Zaba for @malamode

-[DESC: Zaba looks fun to annoy ]-


"proud papa"
Vasiliy Kozlov and Caellach Vasilyevich Kozlov for @surreallamppost

-[DESC: vasiliy does the lion king thing to his child ]-

(I was getting my ass kicked in making sure I had the proper order of the files at hand)