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Part 3 of Artfight 2021

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Sol for @syntheticveil

-[DESC: sol is dancing and clapping his hands ]-


"new yoga stretch"
candace for @confectionscary

-[DESC: Candace is bowing and twisting head around ]-


"bounce" (GIF)
(... I dont actually know who this is..) for @rutilated-quartz

-[DESC: boinga ]-
(this one was just in the "other characters" section.. so.. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ )


Barbie for @drunktardigrade

-[DESC: barbie all squiggly wiggly ]-


"I can be your angle or yuor normal guy"
Rowan Carter for @junebuggery

-[DESC: rowan takes a sip of boba while an anime backdrop of him screams ]-


"pre domestication"
Shanee for @_yuckygucky_

-[DESC: shawnee has yet to learn the fascinations of clownology ]-